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K Hotels Yungho

The K Hotels Yungho is situated just across the river from Taipei City in Yonghe District, New Taipei City, and is located only a 10 minute-walk from MRT Dingxi Station. By car it takes around 25 minutes to reach Freeway . It does not just offer convenient transport, and just 2 minutes go to Lehua Night Market, the busiest in the district, so even late at night, authentic snacks of Taiwan can be enjoyed.

Yonghe District is the most densely populated urban area of New Taipei City. There are a variety of attractions and tasty food to be enjoyed here.Besides Lehua Night Market, there are Nanshan Fude Temple, a place to pray for wealth, the traditional snacks of “Yonghe Soy Milk”, the Museum of World Religions, and Yang San Lang Art Museum. Heading towards Taipei City from MRT Dingxi Station, Gongguan Shopping District, next to which is Taiwan’s premier university”National Taiwan University”can be reached in just three stops. Not far from here, the Museum of Drinking Water, Treasure Hill Artists Village, and the river bank scenes of the Xindian River can be enjoyed.

Offering excellent transport links, the K Hotels Yungho is convenient for business, shopping, and tourism.Let every minute of your stay in Taipei enjoyable.